EHO Committee

This website provides information from the BCA COMMITTEE TO MONITOR EHO PERMIT APPLICATIONS.

Please note that we sometimes refer to this Committee in a shortened version, "BCA EHO Committee."

Why this Committee

The Arlington County Board recently changed zoning rules to allow Expanded Housing Options (EHO) in all neighborhoods previously zoned to allow only single-family houses.

Before that change, BCA worked extensively in a coalition with other civic associations to persuade the County to adjust the proposed zoning change. In March 2023, however, the Board passed the measure with only a few of our recommendations.

Given that EHO is now policy across the county, BCA decided to take steps to monitor EHO applications and inform Bluemont residents when we learn of EHO applications in their neighborhoods. BCA does not necessarily oppose or favor any specific EHO development on a residential property.

Committee Activities

Each Friday, BCA EHO Committee members check the County website to determine if there are applications in the Bluemont Civic Association area. Friday is the day that the County tries to update its website (link, below.)

Once we identify Bluemont properties on the County site, Committee members distribute an information flyer to nearby homes. The flyer informs residents about the application and how to find more information on Arlington County sites.

The Committee is not expert in the intracacies of EHO application processes, but we do try to keep up with the program's general trends, actions, and approaches.

Bluemont residents interested in this issue are welcome to contact the BCA or attend its monthly meetings (Contact info., below).

Permit tracker:

Contact the Executive Board--BCA welcomes comments, suggestions and questions from members. Contact us at

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