Bluemont Civic Association


The Bluemont Civic Association is a member-driven organization that represents Bluemont residents, property owners and businesses. We sponsor social events, like the bell-ringings and the recent neighborhood fun day, We also represent the interests of the neighborhood on local issues, such as parks, zoning, and traffic. We can’t keep doing those things without dues paying members Also if you become a dues paying member, you can help guide your civic association, and vote on proposed resolutions.

Annual dues are $15 per calendar year per household. All household members over 16 can be civic association members, and each household gets two votes. To join the Association, fill out the bottom of this flyer and send it and a check for $15 made out to “Bluemont Civic Association” to BCA Treasurer, PO Box 5134, Arlington, VA 22205. All information is for BCA use only. You can also join in person at a monthly meeting.

Located in Arlington, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C., Bluemont Civic Association (BCA) represents neighborhoods in and around the Arlington Traditional School, Lacey Woods Park, Bon Air Park (including the Bon Air Rose Garden), Bluemont and Bluemont Junction Parks, Fields Park, Balls Crossing, West Ballston, and along the Custis, Bluemont Junction and Washington and Old Dominion (W&OD) Trails, which give residents plenty of off-road biking and hiking opportunities. The nearest Metro station is Ballston.

The Bluemont Civic Association Spring Newsletter

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