N. Carlin Springs Road Task Force

Objective: Provide a comprehensive data driven report to the BCA executive board and members with the recommendations of the task force


  1. Dedicated web page for all task force findings/information
  2. Engage the community through an online survey
  3. Engage DES and the county board with recommendations and discuss feasibility
  4. Present report with recommendations to the Bluemont Civic Assocation

Goal: Maintain the safe and orderly flow of traffic while also improving pedestrain safety along N. Carlin Springs Road between the roughly .6 mile stretch from N. Edison Street and N. Kensington Street (depicted by the dotted blue line in the below image)

N. Carlin Springs Road Profile

  • Traffic volume (week day): ~16,000
  • 85 Percentile Speed : 39 mph

Traffic reports: Part A | Part B

Take the survey

Share your feedback with the task force by taking a short online survey. We will be accepting responses until the end of May!