Information on the Missing Middle Study

The County has released more information on the Missing Middle Study and has included an opportunity to provide input on certain aspects of this study.

You can find the information and a link to the chance to provide input at

  • WEBPAGE OBJECTIVE: The BCA Working Group maintains this page to inform BCA members of actions, studies, organizations, and news related to the Missing Middle study.
  • WHAT IS MISSING MIDDLE: Missing middle housing refers to the range of housing types that fit between single-family detached homes and mid-to-high-rise apartment buildings. Examples include townhomes, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, and small apartment buildings.

    Arlington County is conducting a study to determine if policies or zoning restrictions should be changed to encourage the development of more such housing in our county. Potential recommendations might include up-zoning, rezoning neighborhoods now restricted to single family detached housing to also allow missing middle housing. A number of other policy changes might be recommended. The study began in late 2020 and is expected to conclude sometime in 2022.
  • PURPOSE OF THE BCA WORKING GROUP: In February 2021, BCA formed a Working Group on the Arlington County Missing Middle Study. The Working Group reports to BCA at its monthly meetings.

    The purpose of the Group is to ensure that the members of the BCA are informed about the Missing Middle Study’s progress and implications and to keep the Association appraised of any additional opportunities to participate in the study. The group will also provide information to help BCA evaluate any policy proposals that arise from the study.
  • BCA POSITION: The membership of the BCA has not yet taken a position on missing middle.
  • CONTACT: For information on the Working Group, please contact
  • WEBSITES LISTED: While the Working Group recognizes there are innumerable links that might be listed, we list below of web sites with information relevant to issues that might arise in Arlington County’s study of missing middle housing.

    The Bluemont Civic Association is providing this list of web sites solely for the convenience of its members who want to learn more about the missing middle debate.

    DISCLAIMER: BCA does not endorse any of these web sites, and it does not attest to the accuracy of the information that they provide, nor has BCA formulated any conclusion with regard to any positions taken by these web sites or by those who have posted them.


County web sites

Missing Middle Arlington
MMHS: Community Partner Toolkit - Housing ( (The County’s toolkit)

Organization web sites (Arlingtonians for Upzoning Transparency)
Alliance for Housing Solutions — Housing for a Diverse and Sustainable Community (Arlingtonians for our sustainable future)

Studies and Commentary Concerning Missing Middle

a48bae_9836b6e2b93b4bfa9e5da254e8844e75.pdf ( (a report by Arlington Analytics on duplexes)
Opening Arlington up to Housing - Market Urbanism
Blanket Upzoning—A Blunt Instrument—Won't Solve the Affordable Housing Crisis | The Planning Report

Articles on Affordable Housing

Let’s define our terms: What is affordable housing, anyway? – Greater Greater Washington (

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