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The Bluemont Civic Association is a not-for-profit civic organization that has represented the interests of the Bluemont Neighborhood since the association was established in 1945. Among our activities and recent accomplishments are:

  • Updating the Neighborhood Conservation (NC) Plan;
  • An active campaign to make Wilson Boulevard safer for pedestrians and to provide access for all users while maintaining traffic flow;
  • County funding obtained for sidewalk projects on 9th and Frederick Streets, Washington Boulevard and other neighborhood streets;
  • New lane markings added to N. Vermont Streets at Wilson Boulevard and other traffic-calming and pedestrian safety improvements in eastern Bluemont;
  • Representing Bluemont interests at site plan review committee meetings (for redevelopment proposals), including the Marymount "Blue Goose" site plan for which proposed site plan conditions allocate $1.15 million in community benefits for the rehabilitation of the Ballston "Beaver" Pond and $4.57 million for the Ballston Metro west entrance project.
  • Annual events such as Neighborhood Day and Arlington Candidates Night.

The Bluemont Civic Association is the only organization working exclusively on behalf of you and all Bluemont residents. We are your friends and neighbors, striving to make our streets safe for our children and other pedestrians, enhance our parks and preserve our environment, maintain property values, represent local interests and build a stronger sense of community.

By becoming a member, you will receive a regular newsletter that will keep you informed about issues that affect you and your family and provide the funding needed to continue our important work on your behalf. Membership also permits you to fully participate in association meetings and to vote on association positions and in the annual election of officers and representatives.

Payment of annual dues conveys membership for the Association fiscal year, which is January 1 through December 31. The Association dues are fifteen (15) dollars per annum.

Submit the form below and mail your check to:
Bluemont Civic Association
P.O. Box 5134
Arlington, VA 22205