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The Bluemont Civic Association is a member-driven organization. Please join us, and have a vote! Annual dues are $15 per calendar year per household. Please provide your name, address and e-mail and $15 with your check made out to “Bluemont Civic Association” to BCA Treasurer, PO Box 5134, Arlington, VA 22205. All information is for BCA use only. When we can resume membership meetings in person, dues can be paid at meetings.

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Changes to Wilson Blvd between N. Glebe Road and N. Edison Street: County seeking feedback until July 6

Wilson Boulevard from N. Vermont Street to N. George Mason Drive is one of the five street segments being considered as part of the 2022 Resurfacing for Complete Streets . From now until July 6, Arlington County is asking for your feedback on those designs. Your feedback on the concept design will help refine a final concept, to be implemented later this summer/early fall. Here is a map indicating the proposed changes to Wilson Blvd. https://www.arlingtonva.us/files/sharedassets/public/transportation/documents/2022_resurfacing/concept- designs/mar_wilson-blvd_n-george-mason-dr_n-vermont-st_compressed.pdf (the concept design and changes are described below.

Please provide your input BEFORE THE COUNTY SURVEY CLOSES ON JULY 6. Here is the survey link https://us.openforms.com/Form/36fb24e8-dc80-4563-97b0-d12fcdac4fb6

The Bluemont Civic Association will discuss community views about these proposed changes at our Wednesday, virtual June 29 General Membership meeting, which begins at 7:30 pm. Bluemont residents, businesses and land owners are welcome to come share their views. Here is the link to register for the June 29 meeting.

Register in advance for this meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcld- msqjgiHtSvpvgUwKm4TLk5zOEVohUG After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

County concept design features for Wilson Blvd Changes:

 A roadway reconfiguration to reduce through lanes and provide one vehicle travel lane in each direction with a center turn lane to facilitate turn movements for people driving, and help manage vehicle speeds.
 Dedicated turn lanes are provided for westbound drivers turning south onto Wakefield Street and Edison Street, and the east bound left turn lane at George Mason was lengthened.
 Bike lane added in both directions between N. George Mason Drive and N. Wakefield Street to improve access for people biking and provide buffer space between people driving and people walking on the narrow sidewalks.
 Buffered and painted bike lane provided for east bound people biking between N. Wakefield Street and N. Glebe Road.
 Green markings added to high-conflict intersections.
 Bike box added to the south Glebe Road intersection with Wilson Blvd to make it easier for people biking and driving to see each other at intersections and make it easier to turn or travel through the intersection.
 All existing parking maintained.

The map provided at the link above includes the following changes:

 The County proposes two changes to Wilson Blvd to the WEST of George Mason Drive. First, they have found long queues for the left turn from eastbound Wilson to northbound George Mason, so they plan to lengthen the left turn lane at that intersection. Second, they plan to put in a left turn lane on Wilson between N. George Mason and N. Edison Street to allow people going west on Wilson better access to the gas station and other businesses on the south side of Wilson just west of the access point to the Bluemont Junction Trail.
   On Wilson Blvd EAST of George Mason Drive, the County plans to put in two bike lanes each 6 feet wide. The east bound bike lane would go all the way to Glebe, the westbound bike lane would stop at N. Wakefield Street. County planners found the major public concern was the narrowness of the sidewalks. While that problem could not be directly addressed with this project, which only involves restriping and repaving the roadway, they decided bike lanes would be a good buffer between the sidewalks and the traffic lanes.
 From N. George Mason to N. Wakefield Street, Wilson Blvd would have one travel lane in each direction with a turning lane in the middle of the street.
 On N. Wakefield Street to N. Vermont Street heading west, a dedicated left turn lane replaces one of the two traffic-thru lanes. An eastbound enhanced bike lane will be added.
 Between N. Woodrow Street to N. Wakefield Street heading east, there are two east-bound travel lanes through the intersection to maintain signal operation.
 Between N. Buchanan Street to N. George Mason Drive heading east, there will be arrows indicating the need to merge because the second east-bound thru-lane is ending.
 Some bus stop consolidation is being considered on Wilson, but that is not far enough along in the planning stage to be included in the repaving.

You can share feedback on Wilson Blvd, and all of the streets covered in this repaving program at the feedback link above. 2022 Street Segments to be modified this summer/early fall are:

• Wilson Boulevard – N George Mason Drive to N. Vermont Street (Bluemont)
• Clarendon Boulevard – N Garfield Street to N Adams Street (Clarendon- Courthouse/Lyon Village)
• Clarendon Boulevard – Courthouse Road to N Scott Street (Radnor-Ft. Myer Heights / Colonial Village)
• S. Abingdon Road / 34th Street S. - Bridge over I-395 (Fairlington)
• N. Ohio Street - 12th Rd. N to Washington Blvd. (Madison Manor / Highland Park- Overlee Knolls / Dominion Hills)

Background: When streets are up for routine maintenance, there is an opportunity to quickly improve safety and access for all users of a street by changing the way the street is designed, either by adding signage or changing roadway markings. 

Earlier this spring, during a two-week survey of existing conditions, the County gave community members an opportunity to share their experiences of six street segments. County staff used that feedback, along with plan guidance and other data, to create concept designs.

For information on the 2022 Complete Streets Program please see:

(https://www.arlingtonva.us/Government/Projects/Project-Types/Transportation- Projects/Resurfacing-Projects-for-Complete-Streets-–-2022-Season).

Virtual Annual Elections and General Membership Meeting, June 29, 7:30 PM: LIST OF CANDIDATES, Discussion of Missing Middle Housing

Bluemont residents, property owners and businesses are welcome to join us on-line for our Wednesday, June 29 Virtual General Membership Meeting, which starts at 7:30 pm via zoom. (see link at the end of this message)

The meeting will feature a Community Discussion of the Missing Middle Housing Survey recommendations. Come hear the latest and tell us what you think! See http://www.bluemontcivic.org/missingmiddle.php for information from our Missing Middle Housing Committee.

But first, we will take nominations from the floor for the position of First Vice President (see below for information on what the First Vice President does, or contact exec@bluemontcivic.org if you are interested in volunteering for this position)!  Then, we'll hold annual elections for BCA offices, and civic federation delegates.


We will provide the meeting agenda to everyone on our email list. To join that list and receive monthly updates on neighborhood and civic association news, please contact exec@bluemontcivic.org.

At our last meeting, we established a committee on safety improvements for all forms on transit on N. George Mason Drive. If you would like to join this effort, or share your views on N. George Mason Drive, please contact exec@bluemontcivic.org.

Here is the link to register for the meeting.

Register in advance for this meeting:https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcld-msqjgiHtSvpvgUwKm4TLk5zOEVohUG

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. The link can also be used to join the Executive Board meeting at 7 pm.

Duties of the Vice-Presidents. The First and Second Vice- Presidents shall assist the President in the administration of the affairs of the Association and shall undertake such duties as the President may assign them. In addition, they shall have the following specific duties:

● If the President is absent from either a meeting of the Association or a meeting of the Executive Board, the First Vice-President shall preside. If the First Vice-President also should be absent, the Second Vice-President shall preside.

● In the event of the resignation, removal, disqualification, disability or death of the President, the First Vice-President shall assume the office of the President for the remainder of the term of office. Should the First Vice-President also be unable to assume or continue in the office of President, the Second Vice-President shall fill the vacancy of the First Vice-President and become the President for the remainder of the term.

BCA Joins Other Civic Associations in Asking for More Time for Public Engagement on the Phase 2 Recommendations to the Missing Middle Housing Study

At the April 27 General Membership meeting, members ratified the decision of the Executive Board that the BCA President should sign the letter from neighboring civic associations requesting more time for public engagement on the Missing Middle Housing Study Phase 2 recommendations in order for civic associations to engage.

At the May 10th meeting of the Arlington County Civic Federation, delegates approved a resolution requesting more time for public engagement on the Phase 2 recommendations of the Missing Middle Housing Study.

Come join the Bluemont Civic committee seeking safety improvements on N. George Mason Drive:

Thanks to the initiative of a neighbor at our April General Membership meeting, Bluemont Civic Association members formed a committee to seek safety improvements for all forms of transit (pedestrian, bikes, vehicles, scooters, etc) of N. George Mason Drive. Come join us! Tell us what you think about N. George Mason Drive at exec@bluemontcivic.org

Bluemont News

Tell the County what YOU want funded in the Capitol Improvement Plan -- County Survey Closes March 15!

Through March 15, we all have the opportunity to tell the County what we want to see funded in the 2023-2032 Capital Improvement Plan.

Please fill out this County survey, and encourage your neighbors to as well.

Here is the survey link:


Now is the time to share your ideas and preferences and make your voices heard!

Do you want funding for stormwater mitigation and flood prevention?

Restoring the facilities lost in the 2019 flood in Bon Air Park?

Improvements in Bon Air, Bluemont, Lacey Woods, or other parks?

Pedestrian safety?

Bicyclist safety?

Safety, traffic flow, or other improvements for our roads?



Something else?

Your input will help inform the County Manager's proposed 10-year Capitol Improvement Plan (CIP). Here is link explaining how the County decides where to make long-term investments building and improving its infrastructure.


Share your thoughts on how Arlington should invest in major infrastructure for the future.

Make your voice heard! Please help spread the word, and complete your survey by March 15.

While it is most important right now to get your opinions into the County survey, I also encourage Bluemont residents, businesses and property owners to also let your civic association know what you'd like to see in the Capitol Improvement Plan. You can reach us at exec@bluemontcivic.org. Please see www.bluemontcivic.org for information on when we meet, how to join, and what we are doing for Bluemont.

March 30 General Membership meeting VOTE on resolution supporting additional funding for stormwater detention facility in Woodlawn Park, and additional infrastructure investments or remediation: At the February 23 General Membership meeting, members voted to advertise the motion below for a vote at the March 30 General Membership meeting.

Support for Additional Funding for a Stormwater Detention Facility in the North End of Woodlawn Park, and Additional Infrastructure Investments or Other Remediations to Reduce the Potential for Flooding

WHEREAS large percentages of impervious soils and increased rainfall have caused increased flooding along Lubber Run,

WHEREAS Bluemont homeowners are facing many stormwater-related issues,

WHEREAS Bluemont homeowners living along Lubber Run may soon have their flood zoning revised by FEMA to be within a 100-year flood zone,

WHEREAS reduction in upstream stormwater runoff helps to lower the risk of flooding of Bluemont resident properties and potentially help improve FEMA flood zoning,

WHEREAS an engineering assessment of a potential stormwater detention facility at the north end of Woodlawn park has been completed by Arlington County,

WHEREAS the proposed placement of a new detention facility at the north end of Woodlawn park is ideal because it is along the path of Lubber Run water flow, would not disturb any mature trees, and would appear to have minimal impact to park use while under construction,

RESOLVED: The Bluemont Civic Association supports additional funding to assess and build a new stormwater detention facility in Woodlawn Park which will benefit Bluemont by reducing stormwater peak flow, thus reducing the chance of flooding within Bluemont along Lubber Run. Bluemont Civic Association also supports the addition of on-going investments in infrastructure or other remediations which will reduce the potential for flooding.

All Bluemont residents, property owners and businesses are encouraged to attend and join the discussion. Only Bluemont Civic Association members current on their annual dues of $15 per household for calendar year 2022 can vote on this motion. For information on becoming a member, please see www.bluemontcivic.org, or contact exec@bluemontcivic.org.

Here is the link to register for this meeting.

When: Mar 30, 2022 07:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) Register in advance for this meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYsduqhqz8rH9TqjmX8_d5NSEaLOKBmosWf

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. You can join with or without zoom. The same link can be used to attend the Executive Board meeting that starts at 7 pm.

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