BCA Announcements

Although public health conditions do not currently allow us to bring a copy to your doorstep, we are pleased to provide you an electronic copy of Neighborhood News at this link http://www.bluemontcivic.org/newsletters/BCA_News_202004.pdf

We plan to update the newsletter and hand-deliver it once that is again possible.

Neighborhood News is normally delivered to homes in Bluemont in April and October. If you would like monthly e-mail updates, please contact exec@bluemontcivic.org.

UPDATE: Deferral to June of Permit Request: 732 N. Wakefield Street

County Staff have informed the Bluemont Civic Association that the applicant has accepted deferral of this application to the June County Board hearing to allow the opportunity for affected neighbors to review and comment on this application, and that County Staff are sending out letters to individual home owners to notify them of this request.

The application is for a use permit for a semi-detached two-family dwelling located at 732 N Wakefield St.

County Staff have requested feedback on this request.

Bluemont residents interested in this permit request are welcome to contact exec@bluemontcivic.org for more information.

The County POC for this Use Permit is:

Cedric Southerland, Associate Planner
Current Planning
Department of Community Planning, Housing & Development
2100 Clarendon Blvd 7th FL, STE 700
Arlington, VA 22201

Clapping Around Arlington – Salute to Healthcare Workers

  • Every Monday, 8pm
  • Join in from front yards, balconies, windows, and cars to show gratitude for our healthcare workers during this very scary time. Clap, honk, and yell to create a loud, rolling salute of Thanks. Please spread the word!

Meetings: Our April 29 meeting is cancelled.

The Executive Board will decide whether public health considerations require us to cancel our meetings scheduled on May 27 and June 17 closer to those dates. If we can have those meetings, we will not be able to use the Arlington Traditional School library, as we usually do. We will seek an alternative place to have the meetings and provide updates on Facebook, our website and e-mail.

If the General Membership cannot meet in person, the Executive Board will determine how to contact members in good standing for any essential votes. Essential votes include votes on zoning issues that the Association could not get the County to delay.

Annual Elections of Officers: In order to follow the transparent nomination process in our bylaws, the Executive Board has decided to delay that process until we resume General Membership meetings. We will follow the provision in our bylaws that “the term of office for each elected office or post, shall be from July 1 through June 30, or until a successor is elected.” Once we can resume meetings, we will ask our membership to approve a Nominating Committee, and continue the nominating process established in our bylaws. Anyone interested in possibly serving on the Nominating Committee and/or Executive Board are encouraged to contact the Executive Board or BCA President.

Become a member! The Bluemont Civic Association is member-supported and member-driven. Only members in good standing may vote. Members in good standing are those who are current on their dues ($15 annual dues per household). A form for paying dues is at the end of our newsletter. Please mail the form to BCA Executive Board PO Box 5134, Arlington, VA. 22205. Be sure to include your name, address and e-mail. If you would like to verify whether you are current on your annual dues, please contact exec@bluemontcivic.org.

Meet your new BCA team!

At the June 26, General Membership meeting, the following volunteers were elected to serve on the BCA Executive Board or delegates to the Arlington County Civic Federation.