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Excerpts from BCA News...

BCA November Meetings New Location

Due to a scheduling conflict, the Executive Board meeting of the Bluemont Civic Association has been relocated to Fire Statoin No. 2, 4805 Wilson Blvd Arlington, VA 22203.  The room is much smaller than the regular location, so the general membership meeting has been canceled.

Bluemont Representatives Appreciate Wilson Boulevard Reconfiguration Plan

“We are grateful that Arlington County is listening to us and working to make our ‘Main Street’ a safer and more pleasant place for all residents and visitors.”  - BCA President, Jonn Lau

Making note of long-standing positions of the Bluemont Civic Association (BCA) in support of sidewalk safety improvements, BCA President Jonn Lau and BCA Sidewalk Safety Task Force members today welcomed plans of the Arlington County Transportation Department to restripe Wilson Boulevard between N. Frederick Street and Four Mile Run in conjunction with previously scheduled repaving work.

Next Meeting: October 22, 2014: 7 pm Executive Board/7:30 pm General Membership

The vision for a redeveloped Ballston Mall will be presented.

We meet at Arlington Traditional School, 855 N. Edison St.  The Executive Board meets at 7:00 pm.  All members in good standing are invited to attend.  The general membership meeting begins at 7:30 pm.

Meeting Recaps: July–Sept.

Though the BCA does not hold general membership meetings in July or August, but the Executive Board and some committees still continue working on behalf of the membership and community.

BCA officers met with the Ballston Business Improvement District President Tina Leone.  The Sidewalk Safety Task Force met with the county’s transportation divison and members of the county board.  The Bluemont Village Center Task Force met with the Penrose Group. BCA members worked to have the county maintain safe pedestrian passage on sidewalks.