Announcement for the February 26, 2020 meeting

Neighbors are encouraged to join our February 26 General Membership meeting to discuss the impact of deer on Mary Carlin Woods and other neighborhood forests.

The meeting will feature a presentation and Q&A with Bill Browning, Arlington Regional Master Naturalists group.

White-tailed deer are a beautiful part of our landscape today and they provided an ample source of food for the early European settlers. In Virginia, we practically drove the deer population to extinction by the early 20thcentury, though it has recovered since then and approaches nearly a million in today’s world. Indeed, the deer numbers are so high today that they are endangering our forests and destroying habitat for other wildlife.

In this presentation, we’ll talk about how this population cycle has occurred, and what it means for our parks, forests, and neighborhood. We’ll also talk about the implications for continuing to ignore the increase in the number of deer, especially in Northern Virginia, and about how some of our neighboring jurisdictions have chosen to approach the problem.

For more information about Arlington Regional Master Naturalists, please see

County Board Member Katie Cristol to Meet Bluemont Civic Association on March 25

County Board Member Katie Cristol will meet with the Bluemont Civic Association at our Wednesday, March 25 General Membership meeting.

She will discuss the Missing Middle Study, and issues of concern to Bluemont.

Her office has asked what are our issues of concern. Civic association members are welcome to contact if you have issues you'd like us to raise. We will also ask members at our February 26 General Membership meeting about which issues they'd like to see raised with Ms. Cristol.

General Membership meetings start at 7:30 PM in the LIBRARY of Arlington Traditional School.

Meet your new BCA team!

At the June 26, General Membership meeting, the following volunteers were elected to serve on the BCA Executive Board or delegates to the Arlington County Civic Federation.