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Excerpts from BCA News...

Next Meeting: October 22, 2014: 7 pm Executive Board/7:30 pm General Membership

The vision for a redeveloped Ballston Mall will be presented.

We meet at Arlington Traditional School, 855 N. Edison St.  The Executive Board meets at 7:00 pm.  All members in good standing are invited to attend.  The general membership meeting begins at 7:30 pm.

Meeting Recaps: July–Sept.

Though the BCA does not hold general membership meetings in July or August, but the Executive Board and some committees still continue working on behalf of the membership and community.

BCA officers met with the Ballston Business Improvement District President Tina Leone.  The Sidewalk Safety Task Force met with the county’s transportation divison and members of the county board.  The Bluemont Village Center Task Force met with the Penrose Group. BCA members worked to have the county maintain safe pedestrian passage on sidewalks. 

Wilson Blvd. Restriping Planned for April

Wilson Blvd. between N. Frederick and Manchester Streets is targeted for repaving and reconfiguration in April

The county’s plans respond to BCA requests. In 2012, BCA members voted to support Wilson Blvd.’s reconfiguration to make it safer and more accessible for all modes of transportation. The BCA called for a two-phase implementation: 1) Restripe the existing four lanes to two through-lanes, a two-way center turn lane (with dedicated turn lanes at intersections) and two bicycle lanes. 2) Widen sidewalks and planting strips to meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements and county design guidelines. The improvements would take place within the existing public right-of-way.

Ashlawn Transportation Improvements

Pedestrian improvements around Ashlawn Elementary School are being planned with the community.

The modified concepts will be presented for community review on October 22, 2014 at 7:00pm at the Dominion Hills Area Recreation Association Community House, 6000 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22205.

Public Land for Public Good

The County is currently asking for public comment on its Site Evaluation Guidelines that it will use to determine how to balance public priorities on public lands.

Comments will be accepted up through October 31, 2014. Visit