Seeking Nominees for BCA Offices!

Hello, BCA community!

We BCA members—Kate Mattos and Nora Palmier—are leading the BCA Nominating Committee to seek Officers for the Bluemont Civic Association. If you’re interested in running, this news is for you!

Nominees must be members in good standing (i.e., you are a dues-paying member and are 18 years old or older). Positions are listed below.

Positions will be from October 2020 (immediately following the Membership meeting) to the June 2021 General Membership meeting.

Voting Members of the Executive Board

  • President
  • First Vice President
  • Second Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Neighborhood Conservations Advisory Committee (NCAC) Representative

Non-Voting Members of the Executive Board

  • 4 Civic Federation delegates who vote at Civic Federation meetings
  • 4 Alternate Civic Federation delegates, who vote when one of the BCA regular delegates does not attend a meeting (which often happens)
  • Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee (NCAC) Alternate

For the position descriptions, see the BCA Bylaws on the BCA website:

If you are interested in running, please contact either Kate Mattos at or Nora Palmier at


  • September 28, 2020, Noon—Final deadline for interested individuals to contact Nominating Committee
  • September 30, 2020, 7:30 pm--BCA General Membership meeting; nominations announced; additional nominations may be made from the floor; all nominations closed after the meeting
  • Early October 2020--List of nominees posted on the BCA website and announced through the BCA e-mail list
  • October 28, 2020, 7:30 pm Annual General Membership meeting (possibly via zoom)

Nominations accepted from the floor for offices without nominees; nominees encouraged to attend and may be asked to speak or submit written statements; voting will be the first order of business. Unless health conditions allow an in-person meeting, voting will be electronic. Only members current on annual dues of $15 per household may vote. They will receive voting instructions.