Next BCA Executive Board and General Membership Meetings: Wednesday June 27, 2018

The next Executive Board and General Membership Meeting will be held on Wednesday June 27, 2018. The BCA Executive Board meeting will be held at 7PM and the General Membership meeting will be held at 7:30PM in the library of the Arlington Traditional School located at 855 N. Edison St. All members are welcome to attend the Executive Board meeting.

What’s on the Agenda?

  • DES Presentation on pending improvements at the intersection of 6th St N and N Edison St
  • VOTE! This month is the BCA Annual Meeting! That means it is time to vote on next year’s BCA Executive Board. The current slate of candidates is listed below
    • President: Nick Pastore
    • First Vice-President: Laura Kirkconnel
    • Second Vice-President: George Rovder or Larry Smith
    • Secretary: Barbara Wein
    • Treasurer: David Van Wagner
    • Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Representative: Rich Gibson
    • Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Representative Alternate: Angelo Collins
    • Civic Federation Delegates (four slots available; listed in alphabetical order according to last name):
      • Mark Haynes
      • Allen Norten
      • Dave Hughes
      • Laura Kirkconnell
    • Civic Federation Alternate Delegates (four slots available; listed in alphabetical order according to last name):

      • George Rovder
      • Marilyn Stone
      • Flint Lewis
      • Barbara Wein
  • VOTE! This vote is for the Bluemont Civic Association to adopt a resolution supporting the following motion, which addresses a site plan amendment application for the area of 800 N. Glebe Road:

Whereas site plan conditions are, in part, designed to protect the rights and quality of life for residents living within or adjacent to site-planned sites who bear the brunt of inconvenience and disturbance generated by these sites;

Whereas many of the community benefits advertised to the Bluemont Civic Association (BCA) during the planning process for 800 and 900 N. Glebe Road and 801. N. Wakefield Street (SP #401) never materialized even though BCA members supported the original site plan;

Whereas the Arlington County Noise Ordinance was promulgated “for the purpose of promoting the public’s health, safety and welfare, and to foster the comfort of the public” and to abate noise disturbances that are a nuisance to residents, particularly during hours in which Code Enforcement staff members work;

Whereas additional street loading zones in the vicinity of 800 and 900 N. Glebe Road would exacerbate the already-problematic traffic congestion along 9th Street N. and N. Wakefield Street and would decrease the pedestrian safety of children and adults as a result of additional traffic volume maneuvering around increased and earlier delivery and trash collection activity;

Whereas BCA members support residents’ right to peacefully enjoy their own residences, whether leased or purchased, including on weekends and holidays, free from the disruptive clanging of loading ramps, backup alerts, engine idling, or other mechanical or vehicular noise in the late evening, overnight, and early morning hours;

Whereas in recognition of the unique burdens shouldered by residents living in “edge development” on or near commercial and site-planned sites, the Arlington County Board required by site plan conditions that BF Saul limit loading dock hours for the 750 Glebe loading dock and required BF Saul to hire a full-time loading dock manager, create a written loading dock management plan in consultation with residents, and install sound-proof windows on dwellings across from the loading dock on 7th Street North.

Therefore be it resolved, the BCA supports maintaining the existing site plan conditions for 800 and 900 N. Glebe Road and 801 N. Wakefield Street, and asks that they be enforced. The BCA also supports maintaining site plan conditions that continue to restrict loading dock hours and existing street loading/unloading activities for SP #401 that they continue to protect residents from nuisance noise disturbances generated by loading dock (including trash collection) and street loading/unloading activities — including on weekends and holidays — and that any amendments be acceptable to the residents living on or near N. Wakefield Street and 9th Street North, proximate to the buildings on SP #401. The BCA further asks the Arlington County Board to exercise the same care and consideration for the rights of residents on the north side of Wilson Boulevard (adjacent to or near 800–900 Glebe Road) as it did for those residents living on the south side of Wilson Boulevard by placing the same or similar requirements on the applicant of the “minor” site plan amendment for 800 N. Glebe Road as those the existing conditions placed on BF Saul on the 750 N. Glebe Road site, including an effective loading dock management plan.